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Chess Pieces "American Staunton" | Staunton | 97 mm | Boxwood & Ebonized Wood

Chess Pieces "American Staunton" | Staunton | 97 mm | Boxwood & Ebonized Wood

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The "American Staunton" Staunton chess piece set is characterized by its classic appearance and enjoys great popularity in both tournament play and private chess games. This design has become established in chess clubs due to its widespread use and high recognition, and it is often sought after for its ease of handling.

The hand-carved knights were meticulously crafted by master carvers and evoke the strength and character of a horse. Their upright head shape also makes the knights easier to grasp compared to chess pieces with more elaborate embellishments. The other pieces were carefully turned and subsequently hand-finished in the manufacturing process. This highlights the details of each chess piece and gives them an appealing and durable look.

For the production of these chess pieces, boxwood in its natural form and ebonized form is used, a wood known for its robustness and beautiful texture. The deep black colour, in particular, stands out through ebonization and complements well on dark chessboards. Another important feature of this set is the weighting of the chess pieces, which stabilizes and balances them, allowing for easy manoeuvring on the chessboard. Additionally, their undersides are underlaid with felt, which not only protects the surface of the chessboard but also allows the pieces to glide smoothly.

With a king height of 97 mm, this set meets tournament requirements, making it a suitable choice for competitions. Additionally, extra queens are provided that can be used during pawn promotion in place of substitute pieces, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

To present and use the chess pieces optimally on the chessboard, a board with a square size of 55 - 58 mm is recommended. This ensures that the pieces are appropriately showcased, and their proportions harmonize with each other.


Features of the Chess Pieces:

  • Design: Staunton
  • Material: Boxwood & Ebonized Wood
  • King’s Height: 97 mm
  • Total Weight of the Set: 1,168 g
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Workmanship: Carved, Felted and Weighted
  • Extras: Additional Queens
  • Recommended Field Size: 55 - 58 mm


Important Information:

The pieces are hand-carved and made of natural, precious woods. Due to this non-machine, handmade manufacturing process, there is natural wood grain.
The chessboard is not part of this offer and is for presentation purposes only.

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