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Chess Pieces "Fischer" | Staunton | 95 mm | Boxwood & Ebonized Wood

Chess Pieces "Fischer" | Staunton | 95 mm | Boxwood & Ebonized Wood

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The "Fischer" Staunton series chess piece set is distinguished by its unique design and the exceptional stability of its weighted pieces. In addition to its high playability, this set also makes an excellent choice for collectors.

The knight in this chess piece set is the masterpiece among all the pieces. Its outstanding feature is the extremely detailed representation of a majestic horse's head, which impresses with its lifelike rendering. The knight presents itself in an upright posture, with its forward-facing nostrils and a robust body, emphasizing the decorative potential of this set in an impressive manner.

The chess pieces in this set are crafted from high-quality boxwood and ebonized boxwood, expressed through a deep, impenetrable black colouration. When searching for a suitable chessboard to complement this set, black or dark woods like walnut are recommended.

Functional attributes have also received special attention in the manufacturing process. All chess pieces are felted and weighted, ensuring excellent grip and smooth movement across the chessboard. The sturdy base of these chess pieces achieves a lower centre of gravity compared to conventional pieces, leading to exceptional stability and security on the chessboard.

With a king height of 95 mm, this set meets the tournament standard requirement and is an excellent choice for club players. Additional queens are, of course, included, providing a second queen for pawn promotion without the need for substitute pieces.

For the optimal presentation and use of these chess pieces, the acquisition of a chessboard with a square size of 55 - 58 mm is recommended. This ensures that the pieces are effectively showcased, and the proportions are well-balanced.


Features of the Chess Pieces:

  • Design: Staunton
  • Material: Boxwood & Ebonized Wood
  • King’s Height: 95 mm
  • Total Weight of the Set: 1,152 g
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Workmanship: Carved, Felted and Weighted
  • Extras: Additional Queens
  • Recommended Field Size: 55 - 58 mm


Important Information:

The pieces are hand-carved and made of natural, precious woods. Due to this non-machine, handmade manufacturing process by various carvers, the engravings and carvings as well as the natural wood grain may vary slightly from the pictures. The chessboard is not part of this offer and is for presentation purposes only.

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