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Chess Pieces "Imperial" | Staunton | 96 mm | Boxwood & Palisander

Chess Pieces "Imperial" | Staunton | 96 mm | Boxwood & Palisander

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The Staunton chess piece set "Imperial" impresses with a graceful and majestic design, particularly highlighted by the knight.

This knight is characterized by forward-facing earpieces and has been intricately detailed in its mane and head. Another notable feature of the set is the rook, with its rounded battlements, giving it a slight resemblance to the queen. In addition to the knight, the other chess pieces are intricately turned and meticulously hand-finished. Compared to conventional chess sets, the "Imperial" set features more rounded elements, creating an elegant and premium appearance.

The chess pieces in this set are crafted from high-quality boxwood and palisander, providing them with not only a noble appearance but also a beautiful grain. To complement the colours of these chess pieces, a chessboard made of mahogany or walnut wood is recommended.

All chess pieces are carefully felted and additionally weighted. This protects the surface of the chessboard, ensures ease of handling during gameplay, and provides them with a stable base.

With a king height of 96 mm, these pieces adhere to tournament standards, making them suitable for use in chess competitions. In the event of pawn promotion, extra queens are included in the set, eliminating the need for substitute pieces.

For the best presentation of these chess pieces, it is recommended to use a chessboard with a square size of 55 - 58 mm. On such a chessboard, the pieces can be optimally positioned, and their proportions are well showcased.


Features of the Chess Pieces:

  • Design: Staunton
  • Material: Boxwood & Palisander Wood
  • King’s Height: 96 mm
  • Total Weight of the Set: 1,036 g
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Workmanship: Carved, Felted and Weighted
  • Extras: Additional Queens
  • Recommended Field Size: 55 - 58 mm


Important Information:

The pieces are hand-carved and made of natural, precious woods. Due to this non-machine, handmade manufacturing process by various carvers, the engravings and carvings as well as the natural wood grain may vary slightly from the pictures. The chessboard is not part of this offer and is for presentation purposes only.

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