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Chess Pieces "Spassky" | Staunton | 98 mm | Boxwood & Ebonized Wood

Chess Pieces "Spassky" | Staunton | 98 mm | Boxwood & Ebonized Wood

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The Staunton chess piece set "Spassky" stands out with its sleek and elegant design, meeting not only high visual standards but also embodying timeless elegance.

With its slim, upright head that perfectly captures the majestic beauty of a horse, the knight of this set embodies a proud and minimalist design that befits the longevity of chess. Simultaneously, its design allows for excellent manoeuvrability, facilitating precise and swift chess moves.

Beyond its visual appeal, the chess pieces are also thoughtfully designed for functionality. Through a clever shift of the centre of gravity towards the base, each piece is easier to handle and stands more stably on its square. For players who value ease of use, this set is a good choice.

Each chess piece has been meticulously carved and turned in elaborate craftsmanship to ensure it possesses a unique and high-quality appearance. Additionally, all chess pieces are lined with felt and weighted, which not only eases their handling but also allows for precise and controlled moves on the chessboard. This high standard of quality guarantees an outstanding player experience and emphasizes the value of the chess piece set.

In the production of these chess pieces, boxwood was combined with high-quality ebonized wood, imparting deep and expressive colours to the pieces. Chessboards made from similarly ebonized black woods or wenge wood complement these chess pieces and showcase them beautifully.

The kings in this chess piece set stand at 98 mm in height, meeting the requirements of tournaments, making them ideal for competition or club use. Additionally, extra queens are included in the set to facilitate smooth pawn promotion without requiring players to rely on replacement pieces.

For the optimal display and use of these chess pieces, it is recommended to use a chessboard with square sizes of 55 - 58 mm. On such a chessboard, the pieces shine in their full glory, and the harmonious size ratio between the pieces and the board appears aesthetically balanced and appealing.


Features of the Chess Pieces:

  • Design: Staunton
  • Material: Boxwood & Ebonized Wood
  • King’s Height: 98 mm
  • Total Weight of the Set: 966 g
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Workmanship: Carved, Felted and Weighted
  • Extras: Additional Queens
  • Recommended Field Size: 55 - 58 mm


Important Information:

The pieces are hand-carved and made of natural, precious woods. Due to this non-machine, handmade manufacturing process by various carvers, the engravings and carvings as well as the natural wood grain may vary slightly from the pictures. The chessboard is not part of this offer and is for presentation purposes only.

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