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Chessboard "Walnut Deluxe" | Tournament Size | 55 mm | Walnut & Maple

Chessboard "Walnut Deluxe" | Tournament Size | 55 mm | Walnut & Maple

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The "Walnut Deluxe" chessboard combines elegance and functionality in a timeless design.

The choice of materials, walnut and maple wood, gives this board a muted, nut-brown colour that creates an appealing harmony with chess pieces made of palisander or acacia wood. These natural wood types complement the chessboard perfectly, resulting in an aesthetically balanced combination that subtly accentuates the pieces.

To draw increased attention to the playing surface, this chessboard features an extra-wide border, making it more imposing compared to conventional chessboards. The inner black border between the squares and the frame provides clear delineation, emphasizing the playing area. This imparts the chessboard with its distinctive appearance and is especially appealing to chess enthusiasts who value a stylish look.

With generous dimensions of 550 mm in total size and a square size of 55 mm, it meets the requirements of the FIDE standard for tournament play. To match the square size, the use of chess pieces with a king height of approximately 95 mm is recommended. This ensures a harmonious overall appearance and an attractive look suitable for both tournament play and private use.


Features of the Chessboard:

  • Material: Walnut & Maple Wood
  • Field Size: 55 mm
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Overall Size: 550 mm
  • Features: Inner Border in Black
  • Recommended King’s Height: 90 to 105 mm


Important Information:

The chessboard is made of fine woods and has a natural wood grain. The chess pieces are not included in this offer and are only for display purposes.

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