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Chessboard "Walnut Standard" | Tournament Size | 55 mm | Walnut & Maple

Chessboard "Walnut Standard" | Tournament Size | 55 mm | Walnut & Maple

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The "Walnut Standard" chessboard in tournament size is characterized by its matte, subtle walnut brown colour and embodies a timeless style.

The "Walnut Standard" chessboard comes in tournament size with generous 55 mm square size and an overall dimension of 500 mm. Crafted from high-quality walnut and maple woods, it complies with FIDE standards and features a clear demarcation line that cleanly separates the chess squares from the frame. The white inner border adds an aesthetic structure to the board and provides a beautiful appearance.

The matte walnut brown of the chessboard creates a stylish contrast with the chess pieces made of palisander or acacia wood. These natural wood types harmonize perfectly with the timeless design of the board.

For ideal proportions between the pieces and the board, it is recommended to use chess pieces with a king height of about 95 mm. Together, they create an aesthetically pleasing overall picture and highlight the craftsmanship of the chess game.

Thanks to its FIDE-standard size, this chessboard is also well-suited for tournaments, ensuring that chess matches shine in their full glory. This chessboard not only creates a pleasant atmosphere for chess enthusiasts but is also a timeless piece for those who appreciate classic design.


Features of the Chessboard:

  • Material: Walnut & Maple Wood
  • Field Size: 55 mm
  • Format: FIDE Standard
  • Overall Size: 500 mm
  • Features: Inner Border in White
  • Recommended King’s Height: 90 to 105 mm


Important Information:

The chessboard is made of fine woods and has a natural wood grain.
The chess pieces are not included in this offer and are only for display purposes.

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